Covid Proof Make Up

Covid Proof Make Up




What happens when covid-19 forces you to change your makeup routine? Do you simply give up and go bare face for now on? Well, guess what you don’t have to because the beauty of makeup is its adaptability and versatility. We all have a makeup look for every occasion; now it’s the perfect time to create one that is “covid friendly.”  Girlfriend, its time get your game back on. Wearing a mask shouldn’t keep you away from the things you love especially when it comes to your skin. Your face introduces you even before you present yourself. This pandemic is the perfect opportunity to learn new tricks and tips and elevate your makeup game.



You have probably heard of "maskne" or suffered from it. It’s the latest skin issue that’s caused by improper wear of a mask. Dermatologists have revealed that heavy makeup formulas can interfere with the humidity under the mask and affect your skin’s sebum production causing pores and breakouts. One way to keep our makeup intact is by applying a light coverage. Before the pandemic, the three most common makeup items owned by the majority of women were foundation, mascara and lipstick. Women also used their lipstick as blush, which was great, but today, the five items that should be prioritized are mascaras or lashes, waterproof liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow, pressed powder and eyebrow makeup. Why did I mention these items? It’s because at this moment, our face mask has taken the position of our lipstick. Seriously, who would have ever thought that one day, face masks will become more in demand than lipsticks? The good news is that now our eyes can speak volume. It’s time to create bold eye looks which speak louder than our face mask. In order to create those, get the items mentioned above and don’t forget to try different colours of mascaras and eyeliner to create the desired look.



To think about it, covid-19 has also simplified our makeup routine. For instance, there’s no need to put on heavy makeup such as foundation which sweat causes it to smudge; now a good pressing powder or concealer is just enough. Since the eyes are the main element that is unaffected by this pandemic. So, let’s showcase it by creative eye looks and most importantly let’s have fun with different colours. Dare yourself to recreate an eye look that you always wanted to try but was too scared to do. To have a bold look, use an eye pencil of your choice as a base and diffuse it by pressing the eyeshadow of your choice, so that it will last longer, and the colour will be intensifying. For the face, you can simply put a tanned moisturizer, BB cream and correct the area that needs more love. Also, just because you are wearing a mask, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy putting on a lipstick. A waterproof or matte finish is the best option to avoid transfer on your masks. In addition, let’s not forget to exfoliate our lips 1 to 2 times a week and add lip balm for hydration.


Before applying makeup to your face, make sure to wash your hands properly and wash your makeup brushes on a regular basis and make sure to respect makeup expiration dates, so that those items won’t harbour bacteria. Clean your brushes with gently soap/shampoo, water and finally dry it up before using it. Lastly, apply makeup products that are waterproof, so that there won’t be a need for retouch. Most importantly, remember winter is just around the corner, so don’t let your skin go down in the drain. When you get home, take the time to remove the makeup, as you did before covid-19. If you do not have a skincare routine find one that works for your skin type like here and stick with it. In conclusion, our eyes are our best accessory tool at this moment, so we should all make use of it.


Makeup often projects the person you are inside, so own every look that you create in this pandemic. Moreover, the trendy look for this fall/winter is all about natural, glossy and sleek looks. Glossy in this context refers to luminosity of the skin so take care of your skin. Most importantly, have fun!!!


Here's few great products you might want to try this winter :

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